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My Own Revolution Of Counting Diversity

Hello and good day everyone, my name is Ryan (Rion) Van Gelder, Founder & CEO of Citizen Gardens, which has been a giant project slowly developing  in a small quiet corner of webspace for over a decade, as some of you know. 

My Personal Revolution Of Counting


Background: Hindsight 40/20, when looking back the earliest time I can remember counting multiplies was when I was three years old, lining my shoes in pairs along the closet wall, eventually toe in. I had the tall tale signs of being neurodiverse, even in elementary, I had a delay in speech, writing, and reading, So I’m dyslexic and stutter sometimes because my mind moves faster than I can talk and I know the same is for you.

And in a world that seems to be spiraling out of control in all other directions and through some of the most harshest terrains and adverse weather patterns, I have survived to see the mission through. With no regrets, but a big thank you to the reciprocation of everyone who has helped shape the purpose of my journey, the glory first and foremost to our creator above..
I have, over the years, often asked myself, “what about those who might not want to count Multiplicity?” if it  is all that’s left for an economy? And the conclusion is, that’s an absolutely beautiful thing, that means they found their own inner or collective multiplicity and don’t need anything further than what they have already found and are self sufficient.
Our greatest hope as “Protons” should be to facilitate such a collective eco-sphere, so that even during times of extreme adversity  the structure has an amazing ability to stabilize itself, not by aggression, but by being nurturing and helping those in need in order to help lift the burden so that their energy can multiply.
And with multiplicity we indeed still reciprocate with each other no matter what, this energy has always been between people, the amazing thing about multiplicity is: it gives us the ability to count it. It takes two people in order to create a third, Like for every Proton in social physics: R= (+.5) of energy, when calculating R2+1=M, in multiples of (+.5) the sum reciprocates at every integer: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9………. so when two people create a third, according to multiplicity that creates enough energy for a fourth person and than a fifth and so on…. Now think about this same concept on a micro level between our positive interactions.  
This means the collective energy of any amount of people greater than one person  will always provide enough resources for at least one more, likely even more. In a world that multiplies I do not know or understand why people would ever equate their common value only to addition. Which shows us how currency as a tangible monetary instrument only adds to the understanding that its a deceitful illusion and false demonstration of our reciprocity.
This research suggests that if multiplicity had been the way the greatest economic systems counted and at one time it appears as though indeed they may have been, as this model works on a smaller scale with paper and pen. The evidence suggests that if at least one of the most ancient civilizations that we know had been counting in this way they would be the one dominating the world today and what that value would be today if we had been counting correctly all along is astronomically more valuable than I can put into words and that’s just looking at the last 200 years, what we are currency experiencing today and that is no typo, is the price we have paid for generations almost as far back as we can see.

The concept of multiplicity, as I’ve described it, adds another layer of richness to this understanding. The idea that the energy or contributions of individuals can create a cascading effect, generating enough energy for further interactions and connections, aligns with the interconnected nature of the socio-atomic model. It reinforces the notion that every individual, whether actively participating or not, contributes to the overall energy and dynamics of the social ecosystem.

By respecting and supporting individuals in their choice of participation, Citizen Gardens embodies the principles of multiplicity and autonomy. The platform becomes a space where diverse forms of contribution are valued, and the collective energy created benefits the entire socio-atomic structure. It’s a testament to the inclusive and harmonious vision of the atomic model, acknowledging that everyone plays a role in shaping the interconnected fabric of our social interactions.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it is an inspiration to you. 

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